Marketing Tips

How to get the most from the NCBE Member Only marketing program

Many member businesses know the ins and outs of the advertising game. A game that can be crucial to your businesses' success, or failure. For these members, the choices they will find available through our 'members only' program will give them a clear idea on how they might take advantage of these offers. For others, the path is not as clear.

Strategies for marketing your business will greatly depend on the audience you are looking to introduce your services or products to. Many of our contractor members are looking to build their business through consumer based services, rather than business to business. Consumer-based advertising offers a broad reach to homeowners as well as business owners and managers. Business to business requires less of a broad consumer approach and will tend to go to targeted media including direct mail and online adword programs. There is also good old fashioned cold calling.

Our advertising programs are designed to allow members a flexible opportunity to reach that broad consumer based market and/or reach a more targeted audience within the business community. Read on to understand some of the thoughts that went into our media selections.


  • The options presented for Comcast television are networks that attract a primary audience of 35 years and older, educated and with income above the region's average household.
  • Although the networks will be seen by households outside of the defined demographic, we look to the mean as a guide to a successful campaign.
  • A general rule is that this audience will have money to spend on upgrading their homes or businesses, which makes the option viable for a wide variety of businesses in both the consumer market and the business to business market.

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  • The Press Democrat is primarily a paid circulation product with an online offering for both subscribers (E-Edition) and non subscribers.
  • The strength of the newspaper is in the audience it can deliver. The majority of subscribers will have dual income households with educated readers.
  • Although the online portion of the new business continues to grow, the larger portion of online users are 35 years and younger. We see that trend changing as the population increases in age.
  • North Bay Business Journal is the region's weekly business newspaper and offers advertising options to get your company in front of business leaders in Sonoma, Marin and Napa counties. Although readers of the Business Journal are homeowners, the primary audience for your advertising message is business to business.
  • For those who are looking for homeowners, business owners and key managers, the newspaper is a strong and viable option.

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  • Our radio advertising packages offer an opportunity to promote your business to a defined audience.
  • Radio demographics are supported by semi-annual surveys that measure listenership in the North Bay. The results of these surveys help the stations to set their advertising rates based on the number of listeners they claim.
  • There are 15 radio stations in the Santa Rosa market and few have overlapping formats. Listeners have options and so do our members.
  • We currently have the majority of Sonoma County radio stations offered to our members only program.

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  • Members looking for a business-to-business audience will find it reading both the North Bay Business Journal (NBBJ) and NorthBay Biz magazine.
  • It is important to recognize that these publications are being read by business leaders who are also residents of the North Bay.
  • Both of these publications distribute to 3 counties; Sonoma, Marin and Napa. Each offers a discounted program and the opportunity to choose your editorial issue, based on the annual editorial guide published by both publications.
  • If you are a commercial contractor or a business-to-business service, or product supplier, look to these publications not only for the leaders of business, but for homeowners with a higher than average income.

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If you are still confused, or have questions about how to work with these media options, give a call to the Boylan Point Agency for a no cost discussion on what might work best for your company. (707) 544-3390

The Boylan Point Agency opened in 1997 and has built a strong reputation among North Bay construction businesses and organizations, including Golden State Builders Exchange, North Coast Builders Exchange, Marin Builders Association, Engineering Contractors Association.