Television Advertising

Cable television can be an effective media to reach a wide audience,

Comcast Spotlight

but if you go too wide, the cost can be staggering for a small business. Our Cable TV co-op program is designed to target an audience of viewers aged 40 plus, educated with higher income with ad campaigns starting as low as $350 per month*.

Reach the audience that can afford your services and get more coverage on fewer networks. Commercials will be concentrated to run over 5 networks each month, total number of commercials per month will vary based on schedule (see sample). This is an ideal program for branding your company and it allows an opportunity to promote seasonal offers as well.

How it works:

Your ad will be paired with either 1 or 2 member businesses. Production can include a video shoot, or still photos that can be manipulated in production to appear as live shots.

  • 2 member combo commercial (12 seconds w/voice over) $500 per mo*
  • 3 member combo commercial (9 seconds w/voice over) $350 per mo*

*Commercials separated by NCBE slide. Cost based on limited network participation. This program requires mutual agreement for pairing with other members and networks selected.

Coverage Areas:

Comcast provides two coverage areas where your message can be displayed; Redwood Empire and Santa Rosa.

Santa Rosa Zone
  • Serves: Santa Rosa, Fulton, Kenwood
  • Households: 34,380
  • Average Household Income: $76,192
Redwood Empire Zone
  • Serves: Rohnert Park, Sebastopol, Windsor, Petaluma, Healdsburg, Bodega Bay, Geyserville
  • Households: 53,960
  • Average Household Income: $80,913

Production Options:

Commercial production options can include working with still images and/or video. Still production would allow for the lowest cost, whereas video production will increase cost.*

  • 2 hour video edit with still photos: est. $250
  • 3 hr video shoot (including travel time) 2 hr video edit: est. $500
  • On site, or phone preproduction meeting required

*Estimates are based on minimal production options.

Popular Networks:

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Commercial Examples: